Dr Robin Wilson is an experienced policy analyst, as his cv demonstrates, who works with public bodies and non- and intergovernmental organisations, with intellectuals and practitioners.

In recent years he has been to the forefront in debates in Ireland, Britain and the wider Europe on the future of progressive politics, and in particular the prospects for a renewal of social democracy after the demise of the ‘Third Way’. In that context he has been an active participant in the pan-European round tables organised by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung under the banner of the 'Good Society', He has a strong interest in the Nordic social model and how it can provide an alternative to the Anglo-American model which has become exhausted in Britain and Ireland.

He is a leading European expert on intercultural integration, or how diverse individuals can share a society on a basis of equality of human dignity, which has quickly become a ubiquitous challenge in today’s world. He has worked on this issue for many years with pioneer organisations at all levels, from the Council of Europe to a shared-neighbourhood association in Belfast. He has particularly explored how football can be a vehicle to advance intercultural dialogue.

His academic formation has been at the Universities of Cambridge, Birmingham and Queen’s (Belfast). He has a deep intellectual hinterland, covering inter alia ‘identity politics’, nationalism, governance and social exclusion, which he deployed in addressing the gamut of policy issues as director of Democratic Dialogue, the think tank he established and ran for 11 years.

He has specialised in the contentious politics of his native Northern Ireland, on which he was described in the Irish Times as a ‘respected commentator’. His PhD is on the travails of power-sharing there, in historical and comparative context, of wider interest given the international concern to see what lessons, if any, can be drawn from the Northern Ireland ‘peace process’.

He is also a skilled communicator. For eight years he was editor of the current-affairs magazine Fortnight, which had a wide international readership, and he has contributed as an op-ed writer and analyst to a plethora of press, broadcasting and new media worldwide. Latterly he was lead editor of openSecurity, a section of the global online publisher openDemocracy.